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POF Shrink Film

POF Shrink Film

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    itemsDensityWeightCoefficient of frictionDegreePacking sizeElongationTensile strengthShrink RatioSealing temperature
    Determination of index values15μm0.9213.650.2-0.352.87210511070120-130

    ● Length : 0.05-2m 

    ● material: PE PP 

    ● Thickness: 0.012-0035mm

    ● Application: Used in external packing

    ● Type: plastic sealing bag, side sealing bag, tubular membrane, shaped bag.

    ● Shape: transparent bag &printed

    ● In accordance with U.S. FDA and USDA standards. It is widely used in packing the export products with the   environmental-friendly feathers;

    ● In the same conditions, the domestic POF Film is the smallest proportion of transparency and good flexibility. So it is widely used in all kinds of products shrink film, boxes, bottles, building materials, lumber, and all suitable sealing product packaging.

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Product Name: POF Shrink Film
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