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EH-4020ML+ST-5030LG Medium Speed Side Sealers and Shrink Tunnel

EH-4020ML+ST-5030LG Medium Speed Side Sealers and Shrink Tunnel

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    Power  SupplyAC 380/220V 3PH 50/60HAC 380/220V 3PH 50/60HAC 380/220V 3PH 50/60HAC 380/220V 3PH 50/60H
    Tunnel Size L×W×H///1500×500×300mm
    Max Packing Size
    Unlimited lengthUnlimited lengthUnlimited lengthW400×H200 mm

    W+H≤430mmW+H≤550 mmW+H≤750 mm/
    Horizontal Blade length490mm700 mm900 mm/
    Packing Speed20-40m/min20-40m/min20-40m/min0-20m/min
    External Air Source6-8 kg/cm26-8 kg/cm26-8 kg/cm2/
    Machine size L×W×H1680×975×1500mm1910×1540×1415mm2430×1565×1400mm1800×985×1315mm
    Packing size L×W×H1730×1025×1650mm1960×1590×1565mm2480×1615×1550mm1850×1035×1465mm
    G.N. Weight720/670kgs820/770kgs920/870kgs493/453kgs

    ●EH-4020ML is unmanned fully-auto side sealer which is widely used in mass packing production. Automatic feeding, conveying, putting into the bag, sealing and shrinking can complete in one time. It can be used for different height and width products with high working efficiency;

    ●Horizontal Blade of sealing part uses vertical drive; side blade adopts the international advanced thermostatic side sealing knife. Sealing line is straight and strong which can guarantee the sealing in the middle of the product. It can keep continuously sealing and cutting to achieve perfect sealing effect;

    ●Temperature heating systems can be used for sealing various standard industrial films, such as POF shrink film. Only adjust the hand wheel to pack different sizes of the products that increase reliability and operate easier;

    ● Side blade sealing continuously makes the unlimited length of the product;

    ● The machine adopts the most advanced PLC programmable controller, meanwhile it also has safety protection and alarm device. The sealing system can continue to make a smooth sealing action without replacement. The maintenance is very simple;

    ● The feeding length controlled by photo sensor and time relay which regulates film length precisely and makes the shrinking under control;

    ● In addition the installation of two groups of horizontal and vertical electric eyes are easy to switch choice for thin or small package that can easily complete sealing packaging operations;

    ● Auto waste film collection which is controlled by single motor will not make the film too loose or too tight. It is easy to remove the waste film;

    ● According to customer’s needs, vacuum feeding and gas charging can be added to make more beautiful shrinking;

    ● We also can equip the machine with in feed power line and outlet non-power storage table

    ● It can be used for frame, aluminum, wooden products with single package or a combination of packaging. The machine is suitable for mass production of long materials.




    We can offer customized machine according to the size of your products!

    We can replace the configuration according to your needs!

    customized machine

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Product Name: EH-4020ML+ST-5030LG Medium Speed Side Sealers and Shrink Tunnel
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