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New Arrival --Pallet Wrapper Integrated Top Sheet Dispenser

EAT200SPS-TSD Automatic Pallet Wrapper with Integrated top sheet dispenser. Supply top sheet cover automatically at the same time wrapping the pallet. Covering the top surface of the pallet for protection against dust & moisture.

Standard Pallet Wrapper can't apply top sheet cover automatically during wrapping process.

Then the customer have to manual place the top sheet cover to convering the top surface of the load for protection aganist dust & moist.

This EAT200SPS-TSD Integrated Top Sheet Dispenser Pallet Wrapping Machine is design for the industrails which need to place the top sheet cover on top of load. It will automatic apply the top sheet cover at the same time of wrapping the load. Improve the packing efficiency. 

Auto Cut & grab unit will cut the film and wipe film tail against to the load after wrapping finished. Not need the forktruck driver get off the forktruck to cut the film.

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