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  • EJB5050-I Semi-auto Side Corner Sealing Machine

EJB5050-I Semi-auto Side Corner Sealing Machine

Side corner sealing machine is Combined with EFX6050A, EFX5050B, EFX5045C carton sealer to perform carton sealing line. It is one top & bottom belts driven, carton sides and corners taping machine, 90 degree conveyor, manually adjust the sealing width and height. It’s widely used in foodstuff, cosmetics pharmaceuticals industries.

Product Details

    Production speed300-360 cts/H
    Carton size(mm)L320-500xW200-500xH180-500mm
    Table height(mm)Min H=500mm  Max H=750mm
    Power supply220/380V, 50-60HZ, 1∮-3∮
    Air compressing6kg/cm3
    Adhesive tape width48/60/75MM
    Machine dimensionL2100xW1200xH1580mm
    Machine weight450KG

    1 This carton sealer is For cartons’ four sides and corners sealing;

    2 Suit for sealing cartons of the same size at the same time;

    3 Adopts photoelectricity induction control system;

    4 Automatic 90° cartons turning and pushing system;

    5 Cutter Safety system to prevent hands form stabbed by the cutter;

    6 Heavy duty built, both steel and stainless steel types;

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Product Name: EJB5050-I Semi-auto Side Corner Sealing Machine
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