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Pallet Wrapping Solution

For you, make sure your pallet loads are safe to ship is very important.

Stretch Wrapping is about loads-unitizing and securing them so they can reaching their destinations in the same condition they were in when they shipped.

EOPAC provides a wide selection  top quality semi-auto stretch wrap machines. We recommend two most popular pallet wrappers for you.

ET300PPS Pallet Stretch Wrapper have the ability to reduce the amount of film used to wrap a pallet. It suit 90% pallets. This machine has pre-stretch the film up to 300% or more. 300% means turns 1m of film in to 3 m of film, reducing film consumption and cost.

ET200SPS turntable pallet wrapper is the perfect choice for those who wrap only a few pallets a day.

We also provides top quality stretch film for you.

If you don’t know which machine you should choose, pls contact with us! Our experienced sales engineer are ready to help you choose the best machine for your application.

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