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  • Nonwoven Roll Radial Wrapping Line

Nonwoven Roll Radial Wrapping Line

Eopac is professional manufactuer of Nonwoven rolls & Fabric rolls wrapping system. The rolls radial wrapping machine can be combined with nonwoven rolls cart, conveyors, turntable, kicker and other machine for automated production lines. It is possible to fully automate packing the nonwoven rolls , which improve the packing efficiency. Protect nonwoven rolls and free up labor.

Product Details

    Eopac designs and manufacture the fully automatic packaging and wrapping lines for Non-woven Roll, We can custom made according your size, factory layout and requirement

    The following line  includes a kicker, a 90 degree turntable, a labeling machine,  motorized V-slat conveyor line, and a radial stretch wrapping machine for nonwoven rolls. 

    The Packaging Process: 

    1. The cart is used to move the nonwoven roll to the Novwoven roll stretch wrapping machine. 

    2. Once the wrapping is complete, the roll is ejected onto the V-slat conveyor where the label is waiting. 

    3. After stick the label, the rolls move to the 90-degree turntable to change the travel direction. 

    4. The kicker then throws roll to the reception table. awaiting the time to unload and store.

    Pls watch the video and contact with us now for more information!

    Nonwoven Roll Radial Wrapping Line

    China non woven rolls packaging Suppliers

    Nonwoven rolls Stretch Wrapper is designed for packing paper rolls, woven fabrics etc. 

    Contact Us Now. We can custom-made according your rolls size.

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Product Name: Nonwoven Roll Radial Wrapping Line
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