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Pallet Dispenser, Pallet Magazine

Pallet distributor is a matching packaging machine suitable for assembly line operations. With the use of automatic palletizers, the temporary storage and distribution of pallets can be achieved, which plays a very positive role in improving packaging efficiency and effectively saving human resources.

Product Details

    ItemPallet Dispenser (Pallet Magazine)
    Pallet size1200 * 800mm, 1200 * 1000mm, 1200 * 1200mm, or custom made
    No. of Pallets15 -25 pcs or customized
    Speed:1 pallet / 25 s or choose high speed tyoe
    Conveyor Speed:12 meters /min,inverter adjust speed
    Type of Conveyor:Chain Conveyor or roller
    Lifter Method:Cylinder,motor or Hydraulic
    Conveyor Height:550 +/-30mm,accept project to customized
    Air Pressure:0.4-0.7Mpa
    Power Supply:AC220V, 380v,50/60HZ
    We also have a standalone pallet magazine. Please contact us for more.

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Product Name: Pallet Dispenser, Pallet Magazine
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