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  • ES72U Vertical Strapping (head from top)

ES72U Vertical Strapping (head from top)

The strapping head is on the top. Equipped with high tension head, suitable for products and industries that require high tightening force. Used to combine with conveyor. Fully automatic strapping the pallets vertically.

Product Details


    Cycle time 20seconds/strap (excluding time of moving)
    Tension   force 100-300kgs (Ajustable) 1200N-3000N
    Arch   size Tailor made according customer pallet size
    Straps specification

    Width=9,12,15.5 or 19mm (Choose 1 width)

    PET Thickness=0.65-1.0mm

    Straps sealing methodFriction seal
    Strap feed speed3-5m/s
    Minimum   conveyor height 350 mm
    Power supply   voltage 220/380/415V.3PH
    Power   consumption 3 Kw
    Strap head liftSpeed ajustable

    ● Advanced PLC and 7' colorful touch screen control sytem, Easy to operation

    ● Automatic detection and alarm when straps feeding failure

    ● Automatic detection and alarm if strapping failure

    ● Automatic detection and alarm if lack of straps

    ● Suitable for PET tape

    ● Suitable for combined with unmanned automatic packaging and conveying system

    ● Arch size can be tailor made

    ● The strapping head movement speed is adjustable

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Product Name: ES72U Vertical Strapping (head from top)
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