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  • Panels Rotary Arm Stretch Wrap System

Panels Rotary Arm Stretch Wrap System

Boards rotary arm stretch wrap system is widely used in Plasterboards/gypsum board, MDF, OSB, Veneers, Plywood etc. 

All six sides packing protect the boards from moisture and dust.


Product Details

    This Board packing line includes a Horizontal wrapping machine, conveyors, and a rotary arm stretch wrapping machine etc.

    Board packing line advantage:

    1.Completely automated packaging line: Reduce labor cost.

    2.Six sides packing: Ensure your boards are properly wrapped and safety shipped, reducing shipping damage in the supply chain.. Keeps dirt and moisture outside the package.


    The packaging process:

    1. The boards are moved to the rotary arm wrapper for four-sided packing.

    2. Once the wrapping is complete, the boards will be delivered to the horizontal wrapper, where the other four sides package (top, bottom, and two sides) will be applied according to the parameter settings. The cut unit will automatically cut film.

    Option: Spacer dispenser beneath the boards 

    3. The boards will then be delivered to the outfeed conveyor and stored while the worker unloads.


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Product Name: Panels Rotary Arm Stretch Wrap System
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