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  • Robot Wrapping Machine

  • Robot Wrapping Machine

Robot Wrapping Machine

Robot wrapping machine, a new line of self-propelled packaging equipment. 

The machine is designed to wrap and stabilize palletized loads of any shape, size, and weight using stretch film and has a high level of packing autonomy and great work flexibility.  


Product Details

    ER500 is equipped with power pre-stretch film system ensuring perfect pre-stretching and the lowest consumption of film and energy in terms of environmental sustainability.

    Size of The Loads (   Pallets)  to be Wrapped

    Min load size

    600mm (L) X 600mm (W)

    Max load size

    No limit

    Max load height

    2100mm (Option:2400mm)    

    Max load weight

    No limit

    Machine Performance

    Wrapper running speed

    0-70m /min adjustable


    110AH (12V), 2PCS

    Battery charging time

    8-10 hours

    Running time

    8 hours

    Film tension


    Electrical Features

    Power supply voltage

    220V ,1P,50/60Hz 10A



    Running motor:0.4kw

    Film carriage lift motor:0.35kw

    Film feed motor:0.2kw

    Robot pallet wrapper advantages:

    1. No limit on the the palletized loads shape, weight and max size. 

    2. A multitude of packaging solutions are available.

    3. Use a battery as a power source. The power of a self-walk pallet wrapper is powerful, and the noise is little.

    4. Save space. This wrapper can move at any time,which not only saves workshop and warehouse space, but also makes transportation to the scene easier.

    5. Advanced PLC control system. The parameters may be automatically setting on the control panel

    6. Battery charger and battery gauge

    7. Fast up-down film structure with excellent efficiency.

    8. Front safety anti-collision device, can stop emergency

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Product Name: Robot Wrapping Machine
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