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Paper Roll Radial Wrapping Machine

The wrapping system is composed of automatic raidal Wrapping Machine, V-slat conveying system, lift roller, etc.

Product Details

    Radial wrapper parts

    1.1 Gear and rack driving device.

    1.2 Precise straight railway.

    1.3 Steel frame and powder coating.

    1.4 Whole set of pneumatic control system, user connects to the stop valve inlet.

    1.5 The necessary control box, all the proximity switch and photo-eye frame.

    1.6 Auto hot melt glue spray device, auto film press device, auto film cut device, auto film sticking device.

    1.7 Photo only for reference.

    1.8 Capacity: 60-70 rolls/hour; standard film layers: 2 layers.

    2. Reel driving roller

    --Driving roller 2pcs, including one roller that has motor, surface chrome-plating thickness 50um, diameter 215mm.

    --Motor designed with inverter and brake.

    --Hydraulic lift.

    3. Driving roller frame

    --Driving roller lifting hydraulic system 1 set, including the oil box, oil pump, various valves, motor, chilling device and all pipeline and parts.

    --Chilling water pipe is connected to the stop valve inlet and outlet by the user.

    4. V-slat conveyor

    --The conveyor slat is made in V-Shaped, Angle: 170°.

    --Loading capacity of slat conveyor: 3000 kg/m .

    --Chain rollers installed with bearing inside, No oil and No contamination on paper rolls.

    --Heavy duty steel structures, modular design.

    --Equipped with vertical shaft driving gear reducer.

    --Tensioner adjusting device & lubrication can be operated on floor level, easy for maintenance.

    --Equipped with automatic control components and mounting bracket.

    --Slat conveyor installed in floor level, convenient for the production operation.

    --Equipped with cover plates at the head and end of transmission units easy to dismantle.

    --Manganese steel or Stainless steel

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Product Name: Paper Roll Radial Wrapping Machine
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