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  • Stretch Hood Wrapping Machine

  • Stretch Hood Wrapping Machine

  • Stretch Hood Wrapping Machine

Stretch Hood Wrapping Machine

Stretch Hood is a pallet wrapping technique that involves stretching a highly durable stretch hood film over and around a pallet loaded with finished goods.

The film is stretched and dragged over the load from the top, like a hood, to the base of the pallet using a stretch hooder machine.



Product Details

    Stretch hood covers all five visible faces of the load protecting them from moisture, gas, and other potentially dangerous substances while also ensuring the goods remain in place throughout the shipping process.

    Stretch hood pallet wrapping machine is suitable for bags, boxes, bottles, cans, barrels as well as loose products.

    The innovative system can be used in all industries such as Food, Chemicals, Home appliance, Paper, Beverage, Building materials etc.

    Technical Data

    Pallet size:1000*1200mm/1100*1300mm

    Pallet height: 500mm-1800mm(max) (Option :2500mm)

    Loading weight capacity: 2000kgs

    Conveyor height: 600mm (can be tailor-made)

    Film specification: 1100*700mm   Thickness: 100mic


    Electrical requirement: 380V±5%,3P, 50Hz±1% 

    Power: 18 kw        

    Control voltage:220V,50Hz , 24V,DC 

    Operating pressure: 7 Bar    

    Air consumption:35m³/h  

    Machine dimension:12*5*4.5m (LXWXH)

    This packaging line includes:

    1. Infeed conveyor (Option)

    2. Pallet center unit (option)

    3. Stretch hooder

    4. Outfeed conveyor 1(option)

    5. Outfeed conveyor 2 (option)


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Product Name: Stretch Hood Wrapping Machine
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