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  • Fully Automatic Online Pallet Wrapper

  • Fully Automatic Online Pallet Wrapper

  • Fully Automatic Online Pallet Wrapper

  • Fully Automatic Online Pallet Wrapper

Fully Automatic Online Pallet Wrapper

EAT300PPS-RCT Stretch Wrapper combined with the conveyor system to realize unmanned operations, improve the packing efficiency. This machine can connect with your current  conveyors to realize pallet travel, and pallet packing automatically.


Product Details

    EAT300PPS-RCT inline pallet wrapper has a powered roller conveyor turntable system. 

    The pallets will be transported to the wrapper and stopped at the wrapping position by the PE, then wrapper start to pack the loads automatically.

    The film cutting & wipe system provides a fully automatic wrapping cycle and adherence of the film to the load. Then the wrapped loads will be transported to the outfeed conveyor and waiting for the forktruck unload.

    Eopac's Inline Pallet Wrapping Machine Advantage

    1. Siemens advanced PLC controller & 7'' colorful touch screen allows easy to operate.

    2. Automatic cut & welding film unit, welding (seal) the film tail automatically to ensure no film tail comes out.

    3. Heavy duty design and famous brand parts ensure long life and minimum maintenance.

    4. World-famous parts ensure high quality of the whole line.

    Size of The Loads ( Pallets)  to be   Wrapped

    Min load size

    800mm (L) X 600mm (W)

    Max load size

    1200mm (L) X 1200mm (W)

    Max load height

    1800mm       (Option:24002800mm, 3000mm)

    Max load weight

    2000kg        (Option: 3000kgs)

    Machine Performance

    Packing efficiency

    20-40 loads/hour (Depending   on pallet height)

    Load height sensing by PE


    Turntable soft start & stop


    Turntable rotation speed:

    3-15 rpm adjustable

    Turntable diameter

    1800mm   (Option: 2000mm,2200mm,   2400mm)

    Turntable height

    450mm (standard)  ( Other height   available)

    Turntable drive

    Slew bearing drive (More reliable   and easy to maintenance) 
      Brake motor (Allow the turntable stops aligned with the infeed and   outfeed conveyors, assuring correct pallet supply and unloading

    Turntable conveyor

    Drive Roller 
      Roller length=1400mm, 
      Diameter = 76mm (option: 80mm) 
      Conveyor Speed: 12m/min

    Carriage Up/down Speed


    Film Delivery System


    l  Power pre-stretch Film Delivery   System, stretch ratio up to 250%. 
        Help you save Packing cost= Save money!!

    l  Film tension adjustable

    Film Clamp & Cut Unit


    Yes (Hot wire cutter)

    Film tail wipe  unit:

    Yes ( Pneumatic control)

    Welding (seal) the film tail, ensure no film tail comes out

    Film tail clamp   unit:   

    Yes ( Pneumatic control)

    Electrical Features

    Power supply voltage

    380 V 3Phase – 50/60 Hz



    Turntable motor: 1.1kw

    Film carriage lift motor: 0.37kw

    Film feed motor:0.37kw

    Conveyor motor: 0.75kw

    Machine Weight & Size

    Machine size (LXWXH)

    3025mm X2000mm X2760mm       

    Machine weight

    N.W. 1000KG   G.W.1100KG

    • Advanced Siemens PLC & Touch screen Control system

    • Pneumatic cut & grab film unit to realize automatic wrapping cycle, labor saving

    • Easy to set parameters via touch screen

    • Photo-eye on the turntable conveyor inspect pallet travel in and travel out

    • Machine automatic start when the pallet travel to the turntable conveyor

    • Over-wrap provide more wrap over the top of loads

    • Counter to record pallets Qty be wrapped

    • Automatic load height detection by photo-eye

    • Powered pre-stretch film carriage up to 300% (1:3)

    • CycLe pause capacity

    • Film tension, Turntable speed, Carriage speed separate adjustment from the control panel

    Options available to custom build to meet specific needs


    For pallets which has small legs or pallet bottom slats is parallel with the movement directions.


    Add mortorised top platen to protect the unstable products during stretch wrapping


    Independent structure device for covering the top of the pallet for protection against dust. It can be easily installed on existing wrapping lines.

    Eopac Machinery also design and make the conveyor system, pallet top Sheet Dispenser, turntable,Pallet Lifter etc to complete the whole line.

    Looking for the suitable end-of-line solution? 

    Contact us soon. 

    Our experienced technicians will design the end- of -solutions based on your applications.

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Product Name: Fully Automatic Online Pallet Wrapper
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