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  • Horizontal Stretch Wrapper

  • Horizontal Stretch Wrapper

  • Horizontal Stretch Wrapper

  • Horizontal Stretch Wrapper

Horizontal Stretch Wrapper

We are a professional supplier of Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machines. EH2000 Horizontal stretch wrappers are widely used in Panels, plasterboards, sandwich boards, pipes, timber, and other long loads. The film holds multiple products tightly together to prevent damage caused by vibration during transport.


Product Details

    Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machines combine with the conveyors and realize automatic packing.

    Ring sizes from 400mm to 2200mm to custom build for horizontally wrapping your loads. 

    Size of The Loads  to   be Wrapped

    Packing efficiency

    4m-7m per min (Based on Film width=500mm)

    Min load diagonal

    600mm (24’’)

    Max load diagonal

    1700mm ( 67’’)

    Max load weight

    Depend on conveyor

    Film Delivery System


    Brake film carriage 
      Film tension adjustable

    Ring Size Drive

    Ring Inner Dia.

    2000mm (79’”)

    Ring drive

    Belt drive 
      Brake motor=2.2kw

    Ring rotation speed

    15-25rpm ( adjustable)

    Ring soft start & stop



    Height=800mm (Standard ) 
      Conveyor Speed: 12m/min 
      Conveyor type: 3 or rows Chain conveyor, roller conveyor, belt conveyor can   be custom build according to your application

    Other Performance

    Load position sensing by photocell


    Machine safety stop when door open


    Film Clamp & Cut Unit


    Yes (blade)

    Film tail clamp unit

    Yes ( Pneumatic control)

    Pneumatic system (customer supply)


    Electrical Features

    Power supply voltage

    380 V 3 Phase - 50/60 Hz 


    2.2 Kw (Not include conveyor)

    Machine weight & size

    Machine size

    2800mm (L) 
      1200mm (W) 
      2800mm (H)  (110’’ L X 47’’W X 110’H’)

    Approximate Machine net weight


    Stretch Film Roll   detail

    Film Max. external diameter (D):

    230 mm

    Internal diameter (d):

    76 mm

    Film width:

    500 mm (20’’)

    Film thickness:

    17-35 µm

    1. Advanced & high-resolution Siemens control system.

    2. Siemens 7‘’ touch screen is easy to operate.

    3. Four wrapping programs and By-pass are available for the customer to choose.

    4. Customers can adjust the packing layers according to their handling and transportation needs.

    5. Automatic packaging for different board sizes without manual operation.

    6. When stretch wrapping finish, the film will be cut and clamped automatically.

    7. Optional: Automatic bottom skid feeding. Insert the skid underneath the stack boards. Easy to unload and store the wrapped boards.

    8. The safety fence is equipped with interlocked system.


    Looking for the Horizontal Orbital Stretch Wrapper? 

    Contact us soon. And our experienced technicians will design and make according your product size and workshop layout.

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Product Name: Horizontal Stretch Wrapper
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