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Boards Packaging Line

Boards Packaging Line is designed to pack the boards all six sides with stretch film. Widely used in Plasterboards, MDF, OSB, Veneers etc. All six sides packing protect the boards from moisture and dust.

Product Details

    Wrapping Unit   (EH2200)

    Size of boards to   be wrapped


    Stacked boards   weight: 

    2500kgs (max)

    (can be tailor make according your boards size)

    Horizontal wrapper

                       Inner diameter :


                       Ring speed :


                       Ring drive motor:


    Rotating table 

                       Rotation diameter:


                      Table conveyor:

    chain conveyor

                       Conveyor motor:


    Table drive:

    Slew bearing drive; Motor: 3kw 

    Machine power:

    3P 380V+15%,-10%),50Hz

    Machine size:

    6500mm×2900mm×3000mm (LXWXH)

    Packing efficiency

    20 loads/hour (depend on the load size)


      u  Advanced & high-resolution Siemens control system.

    u  Siemens 7’’ touch screen is easy to operation.

    u  3 wrapping programs and pass by are available for the customer choose.

    u  Customer can adjust the packing layers according to the handling and transportation needs.

    u  Automatic packaging for different boards sizes without manual operation.

    u  When stretch wrapping finish, the film will be cut and clamped automatically.

    u  Optional: Automatic bottom skid feeding. To insert the skid underneath the stack boards. Easy to unload and storage the wrapped boards.

    u  Safety fence is equipped with interlocked system.


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Product Name: Boards Packaging Line
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