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EAT210SPS-TSD Automatic Pallet Wrapper with Top Sheet Dispenser

EAT210SPS-TSD Automatic Pallet Wrapper with Top Sheet Dispenser

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    Load size: 1100mm x 1100mm x 2400mm (LXWXH) (MAX) 

    Max load weight: 2000kgs(4400lbs) (Tailor make 3000kgs) 

    Packing efficiency: 20-25 loads/hour 

    TT rotation speed: 3-12 rpm adjustable 

    TT diameter : 1800mm 

    TT height : 130mm 

    Power supply voltage: 380 V 3 Phase - 50/60 Hz 3Kw 

    Machine size: 3800mm (L) x 2200mm (W) x 2900mm (H) 

    Top Sheet Cover Unit: 

    Top sheet film delivery speed: 9.5m/min (speed adjustable) 

    Top sheet film infeed length: 2000mm (max) 

    Movable lift frame speed: 4.5m/min (max) (speed adjustable) 

    Film Cutter: Rodless cylinder control, Blade cutter 

    Clamp: Pneumatic Control 

    Air consumption: 1000ml/min 

    Air pressure:0.4-0.6Mpa 

    Film Max external diameter: 260mm 

    Internal Diameter: 76mm 

    Film width: 1800mm(max) 

    Film thickness: 40-100μm 

    Control system:

    Advanced PLC & Touch screen control system. Remote control the machine, easy to operation 

    Parameters setting from display panel.  

         Top wrapping times, Bottom Wrapping times, Carriage Up/down times,Reinforce  wraps, Over-wrap timer,Top sheet film length,

    Film tension, Turntable speed, Carriage up/ down speed , Top sheet film frame lift speed, Top sheet film infeed speed adjustable 

    Reinforce wrap allow more wrap on same location of the load. Used in cases where reinforcement is  desired

    Counter to count the numbers of pallets be wrapped

    Wrap cycle pause function : Pause the pallet wrapping machine. Used for inserting labels, corner,   protection etc.

    Separate Auto-Start/Reset, Pause & E/S buttons


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Product Name: EAT210SPS-TSD Automatic Pallet Wrapper with Top Sheet Dispenser
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