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ET200SPS Pallet Wrapping Machine

ET200SPS Pallet Wrapping Machine

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    Control System : Advanced PLC + Display (Easy to operation) 

    Size of The Loads ( Pallets) to be Wrapped 

          Min load size 500mm (L) X 500mm (W) 

          Max load size 1200mm (L) X 1200mm (W) 

          Max load size diagonal 1800mm (70``) 

          Max load height 2400mm (Option:1800mm, 2800mm) 

          Max load weight 2000kgs(4400lbs) (Option: 2500kgs, 3000kgs) 

    Film Delivery System 

         Carriage Power pre-stretch Film Delivery System, stretch ratio 250%. 

        Help you save Packing cost= Save money!! 

    Machine Performance 

        Packing efficiency 20-40 loads/hour 

        Load height sensing by photocell YES 

       Turntable soft start & stop YES 

       Turntable rotation speed: 3-12 rpm adjustable 

       Turntable diameter 1650mm (65``) 

       Turntable height 78mm 

       Move machine with forklift Front & Rear 

       Carriage Up/down Speed Adjustable 

    Electrical Features 

       Power supply voltage 220 V 1 Phase - 50/60 Hz (Option:110V,1P) 

       Power 1.5Kw 

    Machine weight & size 

       Machine size 2600mm (L) x 1650mm (W) x 2860mm (H) 

       Approximate Machine net weight 650kg 

       Stretch Film Roll detail 

       Film Max. external diameter (D): 250 mm 

       Internal diameter (d): 76 mm 

       Film width: 500 mm (20``) 

       Film thickness: 15-35 μm 

    Control system: 

    Display, Knobs and buttons compound mode allows easy to operate the stretch wrapper 

    Parameters setting from display panel. 

    Top wrapping times, Bottom Wrapping times, Carriage Up/down times,Reinforce wraps, Over-wrap timer 

    Reinforce wrap allow more wrap on same location of the load. Used in cases where reinforcement is desired. 

    Counter to count the numbers of pallets be wrapped 

    Separate Auto-Start/Reset, Pause & E/S buttons 


    Easy to place the load on the turntable of stretch wrapping machine with a pallet jack.

    Weight Integrated Scale (Pallet Wrapper with Scale)

    Weight and wrap loads at the same time, printer which print the label is also optional, 

    Motorized Top Platen ( Pallet Wrapper with Top Platen)

    Add motorized top platen to protect the unstable products during stretch wrapping

    Bigger Turntable Diameter ( Pallet Wrapping Machine for Big Pallet) 

    Increase length and width of your loads: 1800mm; 2000mm

    Weight Capacity (Stretch Wrapper for Heavy Pallet)

    Increase weight capacity for heavy loads (2500kgs, 3000kgs);

    Extend Packing Height ( Stretch Wrapper for High Load)

    Increase the stretch wrapper wrap heights for your loads:2800mm ;3000mm; 3200mm


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Product Name: ET200SPS Pallet Wrapping Machine
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