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  • EL500 Luggage Wrapper

  • EL500 Luggage Wrapper

EL500 Luggage Wrapper


Product Details

    EL500 Easy to operation. Place the luggage on the turntable and press start button, the machine will running according to the parameter setting.

    With the power pre-stretch film carriage, it can help you SAVE 30%-50% on packing cost,

    And this machine is easy to operation. Not need install, when you receive the machine, only need plug in the power cord, then machine is ready for working.

    Size of   the luggage to be wrapped

    Max luggage size

    180-400mm(W) x 400-1200mm(L) x   300-600(H)

    Max weight


    Film Carriage


    Power pre-stretch film   carriage, stretch ratio up to 200%
      Film tension adjustable

    Machine Specification

    Turntable rotation speed:

    3-20 rpm adjustable

    Turntable height


    Turntable size

    140x400mm (LXW)

    Power supply voltage

    220 Volt 1 Ph - 50 Hz 


    0.6Kw  ( Turntable motor:0.18kw, film   carriage motor:0.37kw)

    Packing efficiency

    50-70 luggages/hour

    Machine size (mm)

    1600mmx 650mmx 1200mm (LXWXH) 

    Package size(mm)

    1750mm x 800mmx1400mm (LXWXH)

    Machine Net weight


    Machine Gross weight


    Stretch Film Roll   detail

    Max. external diameter (D):

    230 mm

    Internal diameter (d):

    76 mm

    Film roll height (h):

    500 mm

    Film thickness:

    17-35 µm

    EL500 Luggage Wrapper  

    Looking for Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine cooperator ? We are professional manufacturer of Luggage Wrapper. 

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Product Name: EL500 Luggage Wrapper
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