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ET210PPS Pallet Wrapper

ET210PPS Pallet Wrapper

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    Size of The Loads ( Pallets) to be Wrapped
    Min load size500mm (L) X 500mm (W)
    Max load size1200mm (L) X 1200mm (W)
    Max load size diagonal (Recommend)1800mm (70'')
    Max load height2400mm (94'') (Option: 2800mm, 3000mm)
    Max load weight2000kgs(4400lbs) (Option: 2500kgs, 3000kgs)
    Film Delivery System
    CarriagePower pre-stretch Film Delivery System, stretch ratio up to 300%.
    Help you save Packing cost= Save money!!
    Carriage door opens for effortless roll change and thread film  
    Film tension adjustable
    Packing efficiency20-40 loads / hour
    Load height sensing by photocellYES
    Turntable soft start & stopYES
    Turntable rotation speed:3-12 rpm adjustable
    Turntable diameter1650mm (65'')
    Turntable height78mm
    Move machine with forkliftFront & Rear
    Carriage Up/down SpeedAdjustable
    Electrical Features
    Power supply voltage220 V 1 Phase - 50/60 Hz
    Machine weight & size
    Machine size2675mm (L)
    1650mm (W)
    2860mm (H) (105'' L X 65''W X 112'H')
    Approximate Machine net weight620kg
    Stretch Film Roll detail
    Film Max. external diameter (D):230 mm
    Internal diameter (d):76 mm
    Film width:500 mm (20'')
    Film thickness:17-35 µm

    ET300PPS Pallet Wrapping Machine


    Lets operator easy to place the load on the turntable of stretch wrapping machine with a pallet jack.


    Increase length and width of your loads: 1800mm; 2000mm


    Increase weight capacity for heavy loads (2500kgs, 3000kgs);


    Increase the stretch wrapper wrap heights for your loads:2800mm ;3000mm; 3200mm

    ET210PPS Pallet Wrapper  ET210PPS Pallet Wrapper  ET210PPS Pallet Wrapper

    ET210PPS Pallet Wrapper  ET210PPS Pallet WrapperET210PPS Pallet Wrapper

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Product Name: ET210PPS Pallet Wrapper
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